UFC Video Club?

sorry if this has been posted.....anyone have any idea what this is all about? how come we can't pick up their dvds in the stores anymore? any chance they will release pre-UFC 38?

UFC was having a problem with their distributor. It looks like that's all straightened out now, so the videos should be hitting the stores soon.

The info I received on the video club starts with a UFC 57DVD (liddell/couture3). It costs 20 bucks plus shipping, and you supposedly get a "bonus dvd" of never before released fights. This UFC57DVD is "supposedly" only avalaible online through the UFC website. You can either purchase it outright (meaning only buy that one DVD), or you can join the "video club", in which you buy that DVD, plus you start receiving a newly released DVD every 4 - 6 weeks. They already stated that the 2nd DVD will be UFC58 USA vs KookyKanucks, again to include another "bonus DVD" of never before released fights and footage. Again, you will be able to purchase that one separately as well (ie: you don't HAVE to join the "club"). However, there is also going to be some other merchandise/special offers available to video club members only. If it were not for the high price ($20 PLUS SHIPPING) I would join right now. That is a lot of money for a UFC event that we have all seen on YouTube already.