UFC Videogame Roster/Fighter Ratings!


first off this is a wishlist made by IGN but that didnt fit in the title. anyways its pretty interesting who they have in the game and how they rate the fighters. some of that stuff is pretty far out there:

"6. Patrick Cote (84) -- Good luck." LOL

another gem:

"15. Luke Cummo (65) -- Gotta get the unibrow in the game."

If Cote pulls the upset maybe that 84 could be justified

WatchinMMA - another gem:

"15. Luke Cummo (65) -- Gotta get the unibrow in the game."

if cummo is in the game my boy tamdan needs to be in there

they also rate diego and fitch exactly the same.. im a big diego fan but that is crazy

i just cut and pasted this from the comments, first one i saw.

cNt wAiT til tHis gAmE cOmeZ oWt
bUt sEriOuslY kImbO sLicE sHoulD bE in Tha gAme aNd tAnk aBboTt cOz wEn i Buy tHis gAme i wAnt Be kImbO aNd sMaSh thA s*#t oWt oF tAnk aBboTt LikE kImbo dId iN reAl lIfe hahHaA
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Posted by:  Damian_D on July 12, 2008 09:56 PDT

"15. Ed Herman (67) -- As will Herman. Note to all fighters: If you're relatively untalented and are a red-haired guy on Ultimate Fighter, be a jerk. It'll take you places."


How can Tanner not be in there??????????


Leben is the fucking man.

They should put some legends in there as unlockables.

Gracie, Shamrock, Severn(they mention him) Tank, Varelens, Andre Roberts, that extremely fat dude...lol.

That would be fun.

ummm... Ricardo Almeida? and I don;t recall seeing Marquardt either

I don't know if anyone actually read the top of that article, but it's just a wish list. None of the fighters on there are confirmed, and it's just who the editors would like to see in the game.

Not only that, but they're fucking retarded when it comes to this sport, based on the majority of their comments.

I hear Brock has the best kicking skills in the game.

The boss should be a giant Dana White, who keeps repeating, "Delicious!"

Shame there will be no AA!

as long as there is a 'create-a-figher' i'll buy it

Some of us know UFC veteran fighters. If this game is being made the way its hyped, its based around the actual fighters movements. Thus, green screen and motion capture. They should have done this part already. Anyone know if any fighters have been in the studio for their roles?

It's a wishlist you fucking retards.