UFC VIewing Party in Oregon w/Efrain Esucdero

MTX Audio is teaming up with KingPin Audio in Wilsonville, OR for the Feb 7th Ultimate Fight Night. Attendees will be treated to the UFC on the big screen and food and prizes will be given out. Efrain Esudero will be on hand to sign autographs and root on the fighters.


KingPin Car Audio
27929 SW 95th Ave. #1001
Wilsonville, OR 97070



good stuff but why wilsonville? that is one very small farm town.

Would be fun, but not worth driving 20 minutes out into the boondocks for it.

Farm town? boondocks? Do you even know where Wilsonville is?


Being that I've been born and raised in Portland and gone out to Fryes many times, I'd say so yes.

I'm in Beaverton, sounds fun I'll make the trip

The dealer there is willing to invest the time to make this happen. Part of the marketing plan for 2009 is to do viewing parties across the country. One will be coming to a town near you.

 Cant wait till theres one in the Bay Area!

Thanks LG

Graffight -  Cant wait till theres one in the Bay Area!

Hopefully your shirts will be part of the bay area give aways