UFC waits @135 - Ronda retiring?

Not a single fight in the 135 WMMA div has been scheduled.
Is the UFC afraid Ronda will retire making the division obsolete?
This totally sucks not a single girl can make a paycheck this way.

I feel like the division is becoming established. But the UFC should be marketing HH as much as they did Ronda. Try to get Cyborg, market her and try to set up some interesting future fights if RR leaves. Phone Post 3.0



Your comments are the reason why I have been vocal about the fact that the UFC are not invested in WMMA regardless of how much they say they are. Dana White said the 135lb division is the "Ronda Rousey Show" and  Ronda wasn't expected to lose so in my opinion, there is no plan B and this is unfortunate. Had the UFC been invested in developing every single female fighter, the impact of Ronda's loss wouldn't have been so bad for the rest of the division.

In my opinion,, the UFC are interested in the 125lb division because Bellator is developing their 125lb division and Bellator really need to take heed and start capitalizing of WMMA because I say this respectfully, until the UFC start proving they are investing, things will not change. I appreciate that fighting in the UFC is a goal for fighters but in my opinion, every fighter needs to think twice before signing,

Germaine de Randimire had to pull out of the fight against Sarah Kaufmann on the 19th and yesterday, Sarah was still without an opponent. Several of the BW fighters have not fought for a while, so I can't figure out if the risk/reward of a short fight camp is preventing someone from stepping up or there is something else going on.