UFC & WEC merger?

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                                UFC & WEC merger?

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Could A Merger Between the UFC and WEC be on the Horizon?

Wec_logo_mediumAccording to multiple "tweets" that I've come across in which MMAWeekly is talking to Dana White and MMAFanhouse, White stated that the promotion is currently "talking about that right now" in regards to a potential merger between the UFC and the WEC:

This once again brings up the interesting discussion revolving around a potential  merger between the WEC and UFC. Many fans have talked about it in the past as being a great possibility because of the unbelievable fights that have occurred in the WEC, but without the huge exposure that the UFC offers via their television deal with Spike and their PPV popularity. Versus isn't exactly a channel that gives the WEC a lot of exposure, and most post-fight interviews a week or so after a WEC event feature quotes from fighters complaining about their pay in relation to the poor exposure.

Enter the idea of a merger. What are the major advantages here? Current WEC champions and fighters will get the exposure they deserve. WEC fighters will see an increase to a UFC pay structure along with the potential to grab the bonuses that UFC fighters now have an opportunity to obtain. More than likely, an increase in sponsorship dollars. The full force of the UFC marketing machine coupled with, as pointed out in my first point, the exposure from SpikeTV and PPVs along with free events.

There are some downsides to the merger though. Most notably, the UFC would suddenly be increasing their roster size to include Featherweight and Bantamweight divisions. The WEC Lightweight division would likely be merged into the UFC lightweight division, and we're more than likely to see half that roster dropped. The big problem here is trying to put these fighters on television or pay-per-views with some sort of exposure to warrant the merger.

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Sure hope not


Might be coming sooner than you think. I, for one, will be glad to see all weight classes in the UFC.