UFC weigh-in video?

Where can I see it?

Chandler Oakes


Well shit All I can find are photo's... Any video?


Well crap! Where is it?


I think only MMA WEEKLY had a weigh in video

insidefighting said they were gonna have one aswell, but later said they couldnt do it

so as it stands i think only MMA WEEKLY has the video

We have a video of the Riggs controversy, but not one of the full weigh-in. I'll take the blame for that one. There is always a media section at weigh-ins, but the logistics of Studio 54 didn't allow for that, unbeknownst to me. So if you didn't arrive crazy early, you couldn't get into much position to film the weigh-ins. And I wonder how good any videos are just based on the set up.

However, we've got photos. But I would boycott them if I were you. I hear that InsideFighting murdered three nuns that had distributed an anti-UFC flier just to get press passes. Rotten SOBs!

Click on above photo for photos, below photo for video.


I have been everywhere and no one has a full Weigh-in video up. ONly the Riggs vid.

WHich can be found at mmaweekly.com or Insidefighting.com


MMAWeekly.com, the first to get the weigh in results to the public, the only place on the net you can get the full weigh in video, not to mention the photos. MMAWeekly.com, leading the industry in event coverage.

i gotta admit....never was a fan of mma weekly...but yesterday i spent the 5 $ and bought the membership

jesus the archives alone are well worth 5$ , not to mention all the new shit they release

im glad i bought it so far

They didn't humiliate anyone but themselves. Notice that nobody from InsideFighting has ever:

1) Said anything negative about MMA Weekly publicly.
2) Ever trolled a thread started by an MMA Weekly journalist or transcriber, or any thread whatsoever.
3) Ever lied about or attacked anyone from that site.

If that's what it takes to humiliate people, then I'll pass. I'm not into that type of immature behavior and I won't allow my team to do it, either.

After watching the weigh in video over at MMAWeekly, Trevor Prangley sure looks ripped. Hoger throwing his beanie to the crowd was nice. It's good to see video of the weigh ins back and exclusively at MMAWeekly.

That wasnt Hoger's beanie he threw.. He stole that from one of the other fighters backstage.

hey Michale D

whats up with EVOLUTION?

its by far the best mma station on the go

i liked it more when caleb was a co host, but TJ and you guys still do a good job

just wondering when can we expect another show?

Thank you, Jeff for proving my point so eloquently.

Thanks, HeadButted. I actually liked it better with Caleb, too.

The Evolution is on hold for now. We're talking with a new co-host to get it started back up in January 2006 - a very big industry name. TJ DeSantis has moved on to Sherdog to start a new show. We wish him nothing but the best and think he'll do an amazing job over there. It's a natural fit for him, as he's been a dedicated Sherdogger from Day 1.

well thats great news

the more good mma shows the better for us fans

TJ will do good wherever he goes, hes got the personality for radio

well i wish you guys the best of luck and look forward to hearing another show soon

Thanks. I agree 100%. I think competition makes everyone push the envelope to improve, which is good for the whole industry.

I have nothing but great things to say about TJ. He is an overnight DJ at 93x Rocks in Minneapolis. The kid has a bright future in radio - both MMA and mainstream.

Just answering the original posters question of where he can see the weigh in video Mike.