UFC Weight Divisions Add 1 Elim 1

I have been thinking about the weight divisions for some odd reason.

Let's face it, their is more money to make with heavier fighters. This has been the case in boxing for many years as well.

1) I am thinking UFC could change the middleweight category to 165-185. What I think this does is move stars like Matt Hughes up to fight at middleweight. You than have Linland, Newton, Tanner, Hughes, etc.

2) Make the lowest weight division 165 lbs and below. I see many of the lighter guys easily handling 163 lbs or so which makes that division plenty competitive and actually opens it up for some of the lighter welterweights to drop down.

3) Add a 205 - 225 weight division. I think this is badly needed.

I see this as combining the lower weights into 2 divisions instead of 3, thus combining the pool of talent for better matchups and opens up a more lucrative 205 - 225 lb weight division. I could see guys like Randy Couture and maybe even Chuck Liddell preferring this division. Certainly Ken Shamrock, Vladdy and others.

I really like the little guys, in fact I would even like to see the UFC add a 145lbs. division. I also know that it will never happen in the next few years, but I think that most exciting fighters are the littler guys (just my preference).


all of those guys fight or have fought at 145lbs in the past.