UFC Welter Wt. Championship (VID)

Welterweight Championship

that St. Pierre backflip makes me laugh every time.

lol, its a sweet video though. Carlos Newton is the backflip master. Matt has some nice slams on there though

did this get anyones blood going?

I cant wait for this UFC


"did this get anyones blood going?"

Give me a HELL YEAH it did...

How Matt can't get fight fans excited, or at least interested is a complete mystery to me... Even if you don't like GnP, the eternal battle of his opponents to avoid it has got to be just as compelling as watching him blast crap out of dudes.

st. pierre's tongue thing is pretty creepy.

Hrm...no footage of his loss to BJ, not even a mention of who he lost the belt to!

I know the UFC is trying to hype his comeback, but I still think that's pretty weak, at least acknowledge his loss to BJ!

BJ is the true UFC champ.


The 22nd cant get here quick enough!

I'm going with st. pierre

fan of both fighters this will be a great fight!

I'm up for this one. Matt is a monster. Without a belt I think he is even more dangerous. Watch for the stare and pacing back and forth we saw before the second Newton fight. That look of hatred and disdain he gave Newton made me fear for Carlos's safety and we know what happened in that fight. If that Matt Hughes shows up,ugly night for St.Pierre. Otherwise this looks like an exciting match up.

from the welterweight promo, on matt hughes: "he is the best welterweight in the world"

bs, bj whooped him

nice lie, guys

why would they ruin St.Pierre's career with this fight. you know what happens, he loses and never fights in the UFC again. . that always happens.

cool, go Georges!