UFC whispering

Last night at the end of the 3rd round with Tito vs Forrest I noticed Tito whispering to Forrest. I wouldnt find this weird but they panned the camera out. The same thing happened w/Stevenson vs Neer. Almost looked pro wrestling to me. Not saying it was a work but appeared very odd 2 shows. If you have it on tape look its when tito is in Forrest guard near the end of the 3rd round. Dont really remember when Stevenson vs Neer. What is up w/the whispers.

that was just forrest telling tito he didnt take his xyience

Not trolling go back and watch both shows for yourself.

"WORK!!!! "

Fucking kill yourself.

I have watched both and this is some stupid ass trolling.

shit talk

"shit talk "

Take it from a fucking fighter. Maybe this will shut them the fuck up.

The whispering between rounds was forrest apologising to tito for kicking him in the knee that tito had wrapped. he made a comment about it after the fight.

Do you think if they were going to work a fight that they would whisper what they were doing on a Live Broadcast PPV?  You do realise there are microphones all over the place, camera people everywhere, lots of people ringside watching... It was probably just Mat Trash going... Fighter talk... it happens...


Next Tito will be kissing him .

"Elvis, Out of curiousity, who did you have winning the fight?"

I'll tell you if I ever get a copy of the match to watch... :)


Elvis, what the hell?

You haven't been able to watch it yet?

Nope... :( Hopefully someone will have a copy of it for me soon...

have you got someone hooking you up?

joe was asking herb if josh tapped because he snapped his acl.
Josh being the bad ass he is didnt herb said no and joe went on to theankle lock from the knee bar.
Dont be a Troll.

I should be good.  Thanks.  :)

Whispering? Actually, they were probably shouting to be heard. Not very conspiratorial, IMO.

I was at the Stevenson vs. Neer fight and no way in hell was that fight a work.  I also talked to Joe after that fight and I can tell you that just by looking at him it was not a work.

The thought of these fighters taking on concussions and numerous stitches just to allow a work to happen is rediculous.  Typical thread from someone who likely has never fought before.    

Griffin said in the post fight that his comment after round 2 was
something like..."you're gonna respect me after this fight."