UFC will ALWAYS be #1

With so many networks showing MMA free of cost, Ithink the average person thinks the UFC will eventaully be forced out of business. The toughest figters in the world are still in the UFC, not any where else (excluding the WEC for obvious reasons). These guys have MMA down to a science. I belive they will always think of creative ways to stay on top. There is to much money to be made with PPV for them to just sit back and watch the game surpass them. Think about it, the best boxing matches are always on pay per view, not free tv.

"To ufc/newbs yes ! To mma fans no!"

Agreed. Real MMA fans prefer horrendous matchmaking, laughably sparse divisions, frequent fishiness in matches, and headlining cards with Kimbo, Tank Abbot, Yoshida, Hong Man Choi, Bobby Ologun and Akebono.

Hong Man Choi

You got a problem with Techno Titan?