UFC will be irrelevant in under 5 years

  • jones retiring after Stipe fight
  • Connor pretty much done with 1-2 fights left
  • Female divisions are literally beer breaks between fights
  • “b” level draws like Gaegthe, Poirier, Islam, are either going to retire in 2 years or fade away

The era of PPV juggernauts are over for the UFC. They have built literally ZERO starts in the past 5 years and there is ZERO buzz about the sport for the next 6 months. Look at the line up for the next several months. Complete trash cards and not really worth watching

No one outside of these forums gives a flying fuck about these fights coming up. Dana is going to cash out his chips at maximum price at the end of the year.


People have literally said this shit with every single generation of stars and yet here we are.

Conor hasn’t been an actual fighter for like 6 years now so who even cares there. Jon Jones also didn’t fight for 3 years. Why didn’t the UFC die?

UFC popularity peaked a long time ago and it was before Conor and Jones were the main guys.

It is what it is UFC and isn’t really going away now. To say the UFC will be irrelevant is saying the sport will just disappear because Jon Jones and Conman McFelon?

The sky is always falling in MMA land.


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Masvidal and Izzy are “starts” of the past 5 years… even Khabib became a start about 4 1/2 years ago.

I mean, the idea that the UFC was going to be a mainstream mainstay was always a bit ridiculous, I think it’s just regressing to the mean a bit. The initial pop was due to the novelty and that lasted a bit. There was a pop in MMA gym participation too but that has definitely tempered somewhat, or at least from what I can tell.

Basically we’re getting a picture of which MMA fans actually watch it for the MMA, not for the personalities, storylines, or the trendiness.


The UFC will be gone soon mmmmkay


I do agree that UFC is about to have a superstar problem. They don’t have anyone close to Ronda or Conor or Khabib or Jones. They’re hoping O’Malley is the next breakthrough star.

Jamahal Hill, Leon Edwards, Alexa Grasso, and Brandon Moreno are all champions. They are not draws.

But the UFC will be fine. In terms of stars and promotions, it’s pretty cyclical throughout UFC history to have a huge star, then a lull, and then a breakthrough start, then a lull. Same thing happens in professional wrestling. Hulk Hogan left and they didn’t have a superstar until Stone Cold showed up 5 years later. Then he left and it happened again. Same thing with boxing, the NFL, etc.

It’s part of sports promotion. The UFC needs someone to break through.

Someone can break through and become a star in a year easy. Takes 1 or 2 fights sometimes.

If there is a gap someone will fill it.


But boxing has lulls too where they go years without any huge stars so do some other sports but they usually have such large rosters it isn’t quite as dramatic.

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UFC benefits from being global though, they can still make money on lulls by just hitting it hard in other markets.

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Yup. Masdival is a great example. Went from a journeyman to a mega star in 2 fights.






It was said, after:


Moreover, ESP N are reported to be doing very well off the deal, and Endevour’s value has gone up massively.

Same in boxing. Remember Joe’s famous argument with Lou DiBella. Joe argued that after Floyd and Oscar, boxing would have no more stars.

Well, then, here comes Canelo, here comes Fury, here comes AJ, here comes Tank Davis.

There are always new sports stars, that come out of nowhere. After Brady, there is Mahomes. After Mahomes there will be someone else.

It is how it is.


Yes but there are still peaks.

I’m sure lots of people thought Hollywood was dead after Clarke Gable too. And Elizabeth Taylor. And any other star after.

Or how music died after Beethoven.

Bottom line is it’s just people getting older and complaining when their stars/favourites move on. Same as fashion, music, whatever.

Reality says just because something isn’t what you grew to love that doesn’t mean a new generation doesn’t have their own things to love.

You can either live in the past, get with the now/future, or move on to something else but no matter what the world keeps turning.


Another shit prediction.

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They’re like the only major North American MMA organization that made a profit last year

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I agree… the UFC will die soon.