UFC without Rogan is Awesome!!!!!!

I almost forgot what it was like watching a UFC without listening to him riding the nuts of one fighter over the other in almost every single fight.


It was terrible without him

GREAT without Rogan. I love it

Rogan was out?

Missed Rogan. Rogan and Randy would be the best.

Sucked without Rogan.

Joe Rogan knows his shit and is a good commentator. Randy Couture is
good too though.

"Absolutely great job by Couture and Goldie"


Isn't it a little embarrassing to the UFC that their "expert analyst" is a C-level stand up comic? The expert analyst is always either a former/current fight or former/current trainer, not a host of a crappy game show.

Are you kidding me??

Joe Rogan makes the ppv you jackass.

I like Rogan becuase he doesnt pretend the ref is doing good when hes sucking ass.

I missed Rogan, he brings excitement

Aside the Franklin Silva fight, which could've aired muted and still be exciting, the show didn't seem as exciting without the Rogan commentary. Interviews were kind of awkward too. I love Randy but he is way too laid back to do color commentary.

Rogan's great.

Rogan makes it worth watching. Randy was good but explains everything
as if we all know nuthin'. Having Goldberg ask dumb questions every
fight is bad enough without Randy stating the obvious aswell.


Goodbye to the Joe Rogan UFC drinking game.

Rogan was missed. He definitely adds a lot to the PPV.

I like Joe, not that it matters, but his enthusiasm for specific fighters often gets him saying stupid shit.

Couture on the other hand, even when watching someone using his fighting style like Sherk, always keeps level and just anounces what's working and what's not.

He was wrong about Fitch's bloody nose, it wasn't from the takedown attempt.


Sucks without Rogan.

Great without Rogan