ufc/zuffa streeteam check in!!

i got a delivery from ups 2 days ago.

when i looked at the return address it was from zuffa.

felt kinda heavy so i figured it was a bunch of flyers.

upon opening it, BAM! a ufc 62 t-shirt also was in it!

puts on t-shirt

(next time xxl, im huge)

prepares to plaster n cent fl with hughes-penn 2 flyers

thx dana, loretta, zuffa and anyone else!!!!



i will do zuffa proper and post them about!!!!

thank you^^^^

and i have a life!

shootfightermike - How do you get involved in something like that? I'd definitely enjoy helping out like that.

Wouldnt mind helping out the UFC myself


what's the addy for the street team?

i need to update my addy with them.


shootfightermike where are you...

1) loretta posted on here recruiting once if i remember right

2)i am a xxl cus i am a big muscular fella thank you!my chest, arms,shoulders and traps would scare you!

chicks love my beer gut btw.

you sir have no sense of humor hence you have no women i bet!

3) support the sport!

member here. Spreadin the word in Cincy.

If you could hook me up with a way to join That would be awesome, theres not alot of promotion in my area.

If any of you folks have info on how to join drop me an email.



the info is on here,but to do a search for it u have to be a pro member

let me get this straight... you're working for the UFC... for free??


notice how its only kkm's who are shitting on me?

i do what i want when i want

what the fuck is it to you if i spread the word of mma and the ufc?

why the fuck are you guys on here anyway?

you can bash me personally cus i can take it but wtf is your problem with zuffa and the ufc?

if you hate ufc, which is the biggest promotion in the world for mma i just dont understand? (and i love pride and heroes)

do you hate mike vick so you watch canadian football?

i mean just fuck off losers i am real and you are a bunch of fuckin retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and at ufc.com my free shirt is over 20 bucks!

so if i hand flyers out for 1-2 hrs.

im makin between 10 - 20 bucks and hr!

since i make like 16 at my reg job, this is cool!!!!!!!!!!

where are the hat(ttt)ers/dorks?????