UFC46 call on PALTALK

In light of UFC46 only being available to a limited market and a net broadcast being too difficult for ZUFFA to make happen, I was wondering if someone could do a Paltalk play by play? When I was fortunate enough to get the UFC on PPV I always did this service for the less fortunate UFC fans who could not watch the show.

Wilson and the other guys perform a great service with their Pridecast. With the majority of the world unable to view UFC46 this would be a good opportunity for someone to set themselves up as the UFCCast people.

If you call the show yourself you dont breach any copyright laws. This would be a great experience for anyone wishing to get into radio or into the MMA media.

"UFC will arrest you. "

They cant, it's not illegal.

Redneck, see what you get when you open a thread to non-PRO members?

ORB you are correct, I dont know why I bother with the mudnamers.

"oh I thought it was illegal. "

Only if you use their audio. If you call it yourself it's ok.

UFC should sanction a play by play on Pal Talk.IMO "

Yeah, it would be cool if they could get some old retired fighters to do the call. Guys like Kevin Rozier, Ricco Rodriguez or Keith Hackney would be cool. They'd probably enjoy being involved in the scene again.

"what happens if someone is doing a play by play and the UFC broadcast can be heard in the background? "

The govt can use the patriot act to invade your home and arrest you without charges. You are not entitled to legal representation and you can be held indefinitely.

Awww, why not?

Someone always puts a mic up to thier tv during ufc events so don't worry it will be on paltalk. It always is.