ufc63 Penn vs. HI Diet. Who wins?

UFC 63

BJ Penn vs. Hawaiian Diet

Who wins?

The hawaiian diet in a landslide.

Sad but true.

The boy likes his food.

no need to buy the pay per view.


Wow how gay.

how is this gay?

Is eating fried bread gay?

Is fighting gay?

that's what this is about.

Why do you think penn lost to gsp?

Because of the judges?

Because gsp is technically superior?

The boy eats, end of effing story.


Don't we all eat? You're a dumbass please kill yourself.


Eating is not so bad, but better said might be: does he do the intense cardio work needed to fight hughes in a 3round plus fight?

I guess we will see tomorrow how much penn did- unless one of them finishes it early

I love Hawaii.

I love hawaiians.

I love bj penn.

He's going to lose.

but not because he less skilled.

that makes me sad.

the guy who watched him lose to gsp live.

I'm not going to kill myself.



Just dropped 194 on Hughes on Pinnacle Sports.

Putting my money where my mouth is.


Wreckker, fair enough.

I was being dramatic.

But it might be true too.

If I eat bad, last thing I wanna do is cardio.

Chicken and egg.


Hawaiian Diet does win in this equation.

BJ has so much talent that is heart breaking to mere mortals though.

But the power of SPAM is just too great for any Islander. It's like whiskey to an Apache.

(I should know)

the hawaiian diet has made mayhem a monster. jus sayin

spam means nothing here!!!! bj eats pig because pig is smart, therefore, it makes him a smart eater....

"A pig is a filthy animal. I don't eat filthy animals"

Response: "But bacon tastes good! Pork chops taste good!"

"Well sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I'd never eat the filthy mother f*cker."---Samuel L. Jackson

sounds like the diet got its ass kicked since BJ weighed in quite a bit under at 166.5...

that and he was walking around at 172 for the last couple of weeks if i'm not mistaken...

He won. He looks in great shape.

I felt terrible about making this post.

But the truth was too clear.

No one was happier than me when Penn got Matt's back.

But I'm also glad I put $194 on Matt.

Hope BJ can find it within himself to comeback and learn from his loss.

Sadly, I'd bet against that too.