UFC68 .....Tito VS Bisping

Good matchup IMO......

Too early for Bisping, imo.

Jardine, on the other hand...

ufc doesnt want to do that to bisping. hes the next realistic threat for chuck after rampage imo.

Bisping vs hamill........

In Columbus , Ohio, same weekend as Arnold Classic ! Better get you hotel NOW !!!Gonna have great reffs too.......

What about Tito/Babalu?

Babalu desperately wants that fight.

Bisping needs a few more fights before fighting the top guys.

Teacher vs student.........

Tito vs Forrest?

Too soon?

Tito v Babalu

Bisping v Jardine

Forrest v Rashad

Sakara v Bonnar

babalu vs tito is prolly better.

bisping seems too early, and jardine well... he could be matched up against chuck in the near future, so him losing to Tito could ruin a future main event. I dont think they wanna set up a tito vs chuck III, i really don't see the point.

Thats a good list BJM

I would add

Schafer v. Lambert

Wilson Gouviea is coming off a win and needs a fight, maybe a match with David Heath.

Rumor is that Babalu is facing Lambert next but the match with Tito is ideal.

For an Ultimate Fight Night......I'd like to see Koscheck versus Karo.

Koscheck is usually boring, but Karo may be able to keep it interesting like he did against Diego.

UFC in Ohio


Tito/Babalu, Rashad/Hammil, Jardine/Sakara, Bisping/Bonnar

tito/babalu would be good. Neither of these guys will be getting a title shot again so matching them up against each other makes sense.