UFC69 Photo Galleries

"Just added! InsideFighting's complete UFC 69 photo coverage is now up. Check out all the photo galleries, one for each fight (so scroll down!), for last Saturday's record-breaking UFC event."


All 9 galleries are now up in addition to the Full post-event press conference. And don't forget Jens Pulver's TUF5 Coach's reaction blog: Episode #2, that will go up exclusively at InsideFighting.com right after tonight's episode of TUF5 on Spike is done airing.


Thanks HKP


Thanks Cindy!


Thanks Junior!

Nice pic's - any more Sera vs GSP?

thanks gumper, possibly later this week. And more photos from the rest of the fights will go up tonight or tommorrow.


In that last pic swick looks like he is or is going to cry

Or that fighting is really, really hard. It's not a photo shoot my man, it's hard work.

good stuff

Thanks Loretta. More to come soon.



WOW, great pics!!!