Since the UFC doesn't have a 155 champion, what do you guys think about a super fight between the top two at 155? For a belt of course.

i am sure everybody would be for that

i'm not hating on Bang, but how does one fight and one (controversial) decision win, put him inline for a title shot?

Yves Edwards definitly deserves a shot, and if not against Penn, then probably aginst Thompson ( he beat Franca right?) or Franca directly after. Sudo Bang et all, would be right behind them

I don't no why Penn is taking out of 155lbs he said he still has unfinished bussiness

if Penn still wnats the 155 then obviously he would be first in line.

Yves, good as he's been, has not beat a top guy.

Uno beat Thomas and Yves but Franca beat Uno, Uno did lose to BJ in that draw imo, Franca lost to Thompson although a controvesial decision and possible ref. error.

Bang and Sudo are still unproven in the UFC.

Underneathe BJ, there is just one big middle-class imo (Franca, Edwards, Thomson, Thomas, Serra, Sudo, Bang).

How about Vasquez? Was he retiring from a knee complecations?

Shooto, with Uno back is now with Shaolin, Hansen and Gomi (with Mishima aswell - and how about Ralph Gracie for beating a top 10 guy like Mishima after all that time off? Mishima just beat Kato - a WW - before losing to Ralph).

give me Serra-Menjivar and I dont care who has the belt.there just holding it until Matt is ready.

Cujo has triangled the correct.

Serra with a win over menjivar at 48 should fight sudo if sudo actually steps up and signs this time, the winner of that fights whoever else for the championship.

Penn x Thompson or Penn x Ludwig

Hermes gets the winner

A tournament style decision over the course of a year or so for the lightweight title. Not all have to be televised but something. Maybe a whole 155 tournament on it's own?

Definatly not Yves.I know he's a tough guy, but he lost to Serra.Why Yves instead of Matt? Cause Matt lost to Din and Penn? Well Yves never fought guys like those so it doesn't mean much that he didn't lose recently(although I think he actually DID lose in Japan not long ago).
Franca/Sudo/Ludwig/Thompson are all right up there.I'd like to see them matched differently this time.
Sudo-Franca Ludwig-Thompson winners fight for title.

Shaolin is #1 ranked at 155, so if Penn isn't fighting for the title it should be Shaolin versus Pulver or Bang.

Why? Because Pulver wasthe champ and never lost in the UFC after decisioning Penn, and Ludwig beat Pulver, so if not Pulver, Ludwig.

Yves should be next after the tile fight. Let's face it, officially Franca lost his last fight, and Thompson should have to win more than one time to get a shot. Serra and Thomas had there chance nad lost in the last 155 tournament.

UFC Needs to get MARCUS HICKS in there, he will be wearing the belt in the UFC~!

franca vs anyone for the title!!oh yeah and i still think he won that thompson fight.

Just make 155 title fight. What is the point to have all these great 155 LB fighters, and no belt holder.

What all this tells me, is that the division isn't ready to have any two fighters fight for the title.
They've got to mix it up a little bit more before deciding for sure who the top two are. Certainly, you need Penn(if he wants to come back down to 155), Serra, Uno, Pulver, Yves, Thomas, Franca, Menjivar, Shaolin, and a couple of others getting it on with each other before we know who really are the top two.
I LOVE THIS DIVISION, just because it's so tight, and I don't mind not having a champ at the moment. I just want to see more of these, "anybody can win on a given day" type match-ups that the 155-pounders almost always gives us!

"Definatly not Yves.I know he's a tough guy, but he lost to Serra"

That fight was at 170 NOT 155, so it really doesn't count in the 155 picture.

Tetsuya Kawajiri MUST be brought to the UFC.

1. Kawajiri won a 3-0 decision over Yves in December

2. Kawajiri KO'ed Ryan Bow in the first round of his last fight.

3. Kawajiri is fighting Uno in March. If he gets past Uno (which I think he will by TKO) then he is a must have fighter for the UFC.

Rumor has it that the UFC will not crown a UFC LW until the UFC gets a TV deal.

We need a whole 155 card with a ton of fights on it for a PPV. YEAH!

Why start now. the 155 lb division has been forgot about for some time in the UFC.