UFC's Biggest Draw?...currently

I had a discussion with a prominent team manager from the west coast....and we debated about....Who is the biggest draw in the UFC right now?...and why?

It has to be Ken Shamrock. Everytime he is put on a show it is usaully huge. Shamrock/Tito and Shamrock/Kimo were some of their biggest draws lately.


Not Randy?....and if so...is it because he GnP's people?

Ken Shamrock, Ken Shamrock, and uhm, let's see........

O, and Ken Shamrock!!!!!!!!

I'd still go with Tito...

ken shamrock

Liddell is also known, and so is Couture.

Ken is the UFC's biggest draw hands down. Tito is a strong second. Although his losing streak may have hurt him a bit.

ken because of his wwf and early ufc days...

tito is big and chuck is up there.

"Either Ken Shamrock or Tiki."

For once something on here made me laugh :-) Good one.

I think its Ken right now. But if you count all the UFC alumni, a return to the UFC by Royce would probably be a bigger draw than Ken. Of the recent top fighters, Couture or Liddel.

Over the past 15 events or so Ken is the biggest draw followed by Tito, everyone else was pretty distant 3rd. This has changed or is going to change because of Tito's loss to Chuck and Couture.

Mma chronicle has a breakdown based on PPV buyrates released by the NSAC. Not sure how accurate the numbers are but it shows how much more popular Ken and Tito were.

Probably Shamrock or Tito, sadly. People have gotten tired of Tank.

Tito and Ken Shamrock.Third would either be Vitor or COutre because people remember Vitor of old and think he's still the same exciting fighter that has fast hands but sadly he has lost his desire to use those hands.

Couture is the man. Draw or not.

I have about 12 "casual mma fans" as friends and the fighter they all talk about the most is Chuck Liddell.

A lot of people have heard of Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, and Dan Severn.  Beyond that, most people are like "Who?"

I think Shamrock is the biggest draw for two reasons

1. He's the only one out of the "big three" I just mentioned that is still actively fighting in the UFC now

2. There were TWO Shamrocks that got a lot of hype, but most people just remember the name "Shamrock" - some of the ones I talk to think that Frank was Ken, until they see the Ken/Tito fight.  Then they ask "Is that his brother or something?"  Regardless of what he's doing now, Frank was on top of the game at one time, and the sharing of the same last name has added to Ken's "brand" strength, much the way the name "Gracie" has been built on by multiple individuals in that family.


Should've been a lawyer Adam.....very good points

Shamrock, Tito, Randy, Chuck, Vitor, Mir, Sylvia, Hughes, Arlovski, Baroni.

From what I've seen with recent UFC's....Shamrock gets the highest PPV buys....Couture sells the most tickets