UFN 13 Rumor 4/2/08

Din Thomas v. Josh Neer.

I'm still trying to find out if this has been confirmed though.

Fuck you guys.  This is awesome news.

sweet. Hope it is true.

this is a good fight


Joking right?

Those two are NEVER anything besides explosive.

Oh and Din will win.

I thought Din was a 155er and Neer was a 170er.

I thought Neer was going 155 in WEC

Neer is 155 now.

Uhhh, this is going to be such a fucking huge event...

Neer at 155?!?!?!? 155 is so stacked it's ridiculous.

They need some of that overflow in the WEC, otherwise Razor will be running shit for a looooong time.

great fight if it's true

I havent been wrong recently... 

"I havent been wrong recently..."



Cool if true.

TTT for more info.

I would have taken that fight over Swick/Burkman in a heartbeat.

Great fight if so. I'd have preferred a Neer-Guillard rematch though.

Guillard fight would do nothing for Neer imo

Very true but as a fan it'd be awesome, especially since Guillard has been vocal about this loss.

Guillard is vocal about taking out his trash.

LOL @ Guillard.

Neer has more heart in his pinky than Guillard has.