UFN 13 Undercard Results (and pics)


Roman Mitichyan vs. George Sotiropoulos

Round 1
Sotriopoulos landed an early takedown and secured back-control. As Mitichyan stood to get out of the choke, he nearly fell into a rear-naked choke. However he fought out of immediate danger while Sotiropoulos retained positions on the canvas. The round ended any attempt at his finishing with armbar. Sotriopoulos, 10-9 on the Sherdog.com scorecard.

Round 2
Another early takedown opens the second round for Sotiropoulos. He outclasses Mitichyan on the floor as he works through various positions, including mount and back-control. Strikes are now his weapon of choice and Sotiropoulos pounds away until the referee steps in at 2:24 of the second round.


Samy Schiavo vs. Clay Guida
Round 1
Guida had to rally in the evening's third preliminary bout, as he was stunned by a few hard punches by the Frenchman around the two minute mark. Guida recovered his bearings and scored a much-needed takedown, where he looked to pass his opponent's guard. With just over a minute left in the stanza, Guida mounted the Frenchman, and followed with heavy rights and lefts from the dominant position until the referee stepped in to save Schiavo at 4:15 of the first. 


Jeff Cox vs. Manvel Gamburyan
Round 1
Gamburyan was stuffed on an early takedown attempt, and saw himself pinned against the cage. With his back to the fencing, Gamburyan executed a beautiful judo throw and transitioned into a perfect guillotine. Cox tapped quickly at the 1:41 mark of the first round.


Marcus Aurelio vs. Ryan Roberts
Round 1
Aurelio landed a straight right hand that dropped Roberts just seconds into the lightweight contest. Aurelio swarmed his downed opponent with punches and went directly to an armbar to secure the finish at just 16 seconds of the opening frame.


Josh Neer vs. Din Thomas
Round 1
The first two minutes played out like a kickboxing bout, with Neer playing the aggressor and Thomas slipping a lot of the punches with good footwork and head movement. Neer got a takedown midway through the round and landed some good punched and a right elbow. Thomas was active from the bottom, looking for two armbars. Near the end of the round, Thomas got to his feet and scored a takedown of his own. 10-9 for Neer.

Round 2
Neer charged and pushed Thomas against the cage before scoring a takedown to start the second frame. From the top position, Neer landed an elbow but he could not hold Thomas down. The American Top Team fighter took Neer down and transitioned to the back, where he looked unsuccessfully for a rear-naked choke. Neer turned into the choke to escape. After standing, Neer took Thomas down and had to fight off a kneebar for his effort. Neer, showing craftiness, escaped danger and worked the top position with punches and elbows. Close round that goes to Neer, 10-9 on the Sherdog scorecard.

Round 3
The final period is all Neer, as he outworked the fatigued Thomas for the duration of the five minute round. A low kick knocked Thomas to the canvas early. Thomas stood up and pulled guard, which played right into Neer's game plan of controlling from the top with punches and elbows. At the 2:50 mark, an elbow opened up a deep cut under the right eye of Thomas that needed a doctor's check. After the fight was resumed in the same position on the ground, Neer continued his assault en route to cruising to an easy 10-9 round. All three judges scored the contest 30-27 for Josh Neer.



wow. really thought Roman would put of a better fight.

 damn....they could have just aired the prelim fights as a separate UFN


junon - wow. really thought Roman would put of a better fight.


damn, i was rooting for Din

Wow! Thanks! VTMFU!!

Because he believes in your degrees, but you are a funny man doc.

junon - wow. really thought Roman would put of a better fight.


Papa BUrgandy - Because he believes in your degrees, but you are a funny man doc.




Roman is no poosy

 Din really seemed to be be out of it. He was getting hit a lot on the mat and standing up Neer was making his legs buckle with kicks.

Roman pretty much get beaten in every facet of the game. He escaped a RNC like a champ, but he had no offense. He also carried his hands really low.