UFN 20 draws 1.7 million viewers

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                                UFN 20 draws 1.7 million viewers

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Spike TV drew an average of 1.7 million viewers for Monday's mixed martial arts broadcast, the network said today.

The live broadcast of Ultimate Fighting Championship's UFC Fight Night 20 show from Fairfax, Va. pulled in an overall household rating of 1.2. A ratings point is equivalent to 1 percent of all available households.

The audience peaked with 2 million viewers for the Gray Maynard-Nate Diaz main event, Spike said.

UFC President Dana White recently said that he has no desire to go head-to-head on a regular basis with World Wrestling Entertainment's Raw, a staple of Monday nights on cable for many years. This week's figures underscore the point: Raw reeled in an average of 5.45 million viewers, the Pro Wrestling Torch reports.

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Not surprised, fairly weak (though not bad) event