UFN 45 performance bonuses

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                                UFN 45 performance bonuses

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                    <p><strong>UFC Fight Night 45 Performance Bonuses</strong></p>

$50,000  Fight of the Night
John Lineker defeated Alptekin Ozkilic by TKO (Strikes, Round 3, 4:49)

$50,000 Performance of the Night
Donald Cerrone defeated Jim Miller by KO (Kick, Round 2, 3:31)

$50,000 Performance of the Night
Lucas Martins defeated Alex White by KO (Punch, Round 3, 2:08)

If you owned the UFC, who would you have given them to?

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OTN bonuses were spot on, but pretty much every fighter deserves some cash for delivering on this card. Phone Post 3.0

Been a good year for Cowboy, must have racked up $600k or so with his wins + bonus money.


Dana White "WOW @LeslieSmith_GF is nasty!!!!! @FOXSports1 great prelims so far"


Leslie Smith "@danawhite @FOXSports1 Was it bonus worthy!? #UFCFightNight"


Dana White "@LeslieSmith_GF yes it was!!!! Bonus for u for SURE"

maybe they all got bonuses? lets hope so!

Great night of fights!

Cindy Phone Post 3.0