UFN 5 card!

Stephan Bonnar vs. Rashad Evans

Chris Leben vs. Anderson Silva

Jorge Gurgel vs. Mark Honinick

Josh Koscheck vs. Dave Menne

Justin Levens vs. Jorge Santiago

Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves

Luke Cummo vs. Jonathan Goulet

Awesome card IMO

My picks

Stephan Bonnar

Anderson Silva

Jorge Gurgel

Josh Koscheck

Jorge Santiago

Thiago Alves

Luke Cummo

GOulet back in the ufc good choice

very good card....

very good card TTT for goulet

Holy cow, that's a nice card. I can't believe Leben vs. Silva.

The undercard is very nice - a lot of interesting matchups like Fitch vs. Alves.

Fitch will take Alves, IMO. Otherwise, I agree with your picks.


I like Evans, Gurgel, Fitchie, Silva, Menne, Santiago and Goulet.

Vey good card with some great fights. I hope the top 4 all air

better card than this UFC IMO

3t to thiago alves and jorge santiago!!!!!

Great card, better than quite a few recent PPV's

glad its on free tv

what happened to crow vs silva?

Are they ever going to put Bonnar against a non-TUF guy?

wow... that is an awesome card. cool!

Anderson Silva by Anderson Elbow!

" Are they ever going to put Bonnar against a non-TUF guy?"

James Irvin.

Hopefully Rashad doesn't do a LnP strategy against Bonnar.