UFN Aftermath Pics


TTT for that shot of the salad

someone needs to tell the diaz brothers its ok to smile.


lol one of those pics of the fighters on last nights card is blatantly embarassing, out of respect for him I won't say which one he is.

lol @ the pic of Kenny and the tranny!



the diaz boys are always so mad



"lol @ the pic of Kenny and the tranny!"

Not nice - it must be his sister or relative, it looks exactly like him in women's clothes.

Saying Kenflo looks like a tranny is not nice.

Is Nick always pissed, I don't think there is a picture out there of him even cracking a smile?

Tracy has an unreal work ethic and it shows in the volume and quality of her work. ttt for Tracy...

 Tracy was the ring side distraction during the first round of the Diaz fight. :)

Nick looks a little puffy

nice sweater, looks great