UFN Brilz VS Morris

 I dont know alot about Morris. Who wins this fight?

 Im well aware of brilz's studlyness, what about Morris?

Morris will be ready. Here we come Brad Morris!
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!


 oh hes your guy? Whats his background?

Brad MORRIS got mauled by the highly touted Cain VALASQUEZ. Brad has fought his life at HW & is a VERY strong guy (all over youtube & sherdog S&C forums).

Brad made debut against Soa here in Australia & he has had gone the distance with both Soa & big Jim YORKE of Sengoku etc.. has been fighting MMA for a while now.

Brad is a VERY nice guy (for what thats worth) & would say his greatest attribute is that YOU BASTARD AMERICANS CANT SEE OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM!!!! Lol..

Super duper tough, Super strong, experienced with absoulutely no quit in him.


 jasons last fight

 brads highlight

Brad's tough as nails and a real good standup fighter. Cain was just a shitty style match for him. Then again, Cain is a bad style matchup for just about anyone.

I witnessed Brilz just manhandle Schoenauer. Brilz gnp and takedowns were way to much fro Alex.

This sounds like a classic striker vs wrestler matchup if Morris likes to stand a bang.

This will be a great test for Brad. First time at LHW as well. Kickass Brad!



Good matchup added but I still probably won't pay $180 for some shit seats. Whoever wants to hook me up with some good seats, center 3 sections and 2nd balc or closer, hit me up. I'll pay a fair price if they really are good.

I've been at the venue 100 times, I know where the good seats are. I really want to see Diaz vs. Neer live, that is going to be a great fight.

TTT for Brad

Cool, was waiting to see that cage set up. Tough guys tough guys

 ttt for Brilz

Seriously I need tickets. Center 3 sections if possible. I don't want to look through the post. I won a bill 50 2 nights ago playing poker that increases my spending limit.

I'll take 2 seats for $350-4 if they are good seats. Someone please hook me up. I've fought in 50 percent of the mma show's I've attended. Now the big event is coming and I won't miss it unless it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. I'm dead serious.

 ^there are plenty of seats left in many areas on ticketmaster. they dont charge vefy muh on top of the face price

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