UFN is tape delayed on the West Coast.

At least Versus has their shit together and shows events live. I don't think that there's a valid reason for Spike to air UFN for 10 pm both Pacific and Eastern. Seems kind of "bush league".

Any way to watch this live from the west coast without being at the event?


may have to refill this growler again

Yes help us westcoasters fish

Poopyface TomatoNose - Seems kind of "bush league".
Yeah this isn't the goddamn World Series of Poker circuit event qualifier, it's the goddamn UFC, get your fucking shit together assholes




help out others

thats bullshit, trying to find a stream now.

yep I turned it on expecting fight night.

 would love a hook up if you're so inclined......

uhhh its on for me

Watching an English feed. Must be late there.


Dem 10's

pm bitches for the hookup

 Its live here in Vancouver, BC. On Spike and on Sportsnet. 

Tape delay is so stupid. Finished facebook and now must wait. Why Spike Why/

PM me for help

Not tape delayed for me Phone Post

what's you carrier ?

comcast in PDX is a nogo Phone Post