UFN Prelim Results

Round 1 - After a few punches, the fighters clinch, but Miller escapes and takes his opponent's back. Kimmons tries to defend while Miller climbs atop his back. Miller is still standing but finally falls to his back. The tap-out comes mere seconds later. Dan Miller def. Rob Kimmons via submission (rear-naked choke) -- Round 1, 1:27

Round 1 - Massenzio scores the easy takedown early in the round. After a quick adjustment, Massenzio escapes his opponent's guard, secures an arm, and quickly forces the tap-out due to a kimura. Mike Massenzio def. Drew McFedries via submission (kimura) -- Round 1, 1:28.

Round 1 - Big cheers for the hometown fighter Brilz. We're underway, and Brilz quickly grabs a leg, scoops up his opponent, carried him to the corner and slams Morris to the mat. Brilz then takes his back and secures both hooks. Brilz throws some punches from behind to soften him up. Morris briefly escapes, but Brilz lassos him in and gets side control. A barrage of punches and elbows to the head and body of Morris follows. Morris turtles to avoid damage, but Brilz continues the assault. As the round comes to an end, Brilz tries to secure an arm-bar, but the horn sounds. A huge ocation for Brilz for the dominant round. MMAjunkie.com has it 10-8 for Brilz.

Round 2 - Morris lands a nice combination to open the round, but Brilz secures the clinch and successfully forces the takedown. Working from inside guard, Brilz delivers some punches and then postures up and easily passes to side control. Brilz works elbows and knees to the body, and Morris is again forced to turtle to avoid damage. Brilz uses the opportunity to secure full mount, and Morris rolls over to give up his back. Brilz delivers an onslaught of strikes before forcing a TKO stoppage. Jason Brilz def. Brad Morris via TKO (strikes) -- Round 2, 2:54.

Bradley v J-Lau is up next

 Lets go J-Lau! Bring that win home.

Joe Lauzon def. Kyle Bradley by TKO (Ref Stoppage) at 1:34, RD2

Round 1 - Bradley opens the round with a decent uppercut, which forces Lauzon to clunch. Lauzon drops for a leglock and beautifully makes the transition. Bradley escapes, though, and they're back to their feet. Bradley delivers a nice knee to the body. Lauzon circles out, and Bradley lands some short but powerful punches. Lauzon returns some stiff jabs. Lauzon finds his range and begins to tee off on his opponent, but the fight slows to a crawl in the final 30 seconds. Lauzon took some damage that round -- which turned out to be a very close one. MMAjunkie.com has it 10-10.

Round 2 - Bradley charges out with some early aggression and lands a couple shots. Lauzon dips for a double-leg takedown, secures the position and scores the takedown. Lauzon quickly hops to mount and rains down power shot after power shot. Bradley gives up his back, but Lauzon continues raining down big blows to force a stoppage. Joe Lauzon def. Kyle Bradley via TKO (strikes) -- Round 2, 1:34.


War MILLER!! Congratulations to Dan and another east coast fighter Mike Massenzio. Both with 1st round subs in their UFC debut. In the big show and kicking some ass!

 I look forward to Rogan explaining what a "clunch" is


Wilson Gouveia vs. Ryan Jensen
R1-Ryan Jensen gets a huge standing applause during his introduction. Fighters touch gloves and begin to circle. Jensen throws a high left kick and Gouveia defends. Wilson throws the occasional leg kick as Jensen becomes more confident with his strikes. Jensen lands a right leg kick that buckles the Brazilian. Jensen gets a takedown and lands in guard, pushing Gouveia into the fence. Wilson attempts an armbar and Jensen escapes and proceeds to throw a flurry of punches. The crowd goes wild. Gouveia gets back up and takes Jensen down but the Nebraskan fighter reverses and briefly takes his back. Gouveia pulls guard again as the round ends.

East Coast looking good!

MMAJunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Jensen

Round 1 - Jensen get a nice ovation from the hometown crowd. Referee Dan Miragliotta gets thing started, and we're underway. Gouveia takes the center of the cage, but Jensen circles around. Jensen engages and works his jab and a few tentative kicks. Gouveia answers with a nice combination. Jensen then shoots andscores the takedown and lands in full guard. Chants of "Jensen!" start to heat up. Jensen rains down some punches and elbows. Gouveia nearly secures a triangle but Jensen escapes. When Gouveia looks for an arm-bar, Jensen batters him with punches. Jensen continues the assault, but Gouveia kicks himself free. During the escape, Gouveia briefly secures mount, but Jensen dodges the position and finishes the round with a frantic flurry of elbows. MMAjunkie.com has it 10-9 for Jensen.

R2-Jensen seems a little tired at the start. Gouveia lands a nice jab and Jensen lands an unintentional groin kick. Fight is stopped shortly. Both fighters exchanging and Jensen gets a trip takedown, landing in half guard. Gouveia slaps on an armbar and Jensen is forced to tap shortly after.

Wilson Gouveia def. Ryan Jensen by submission (Armbar) at 2:04 , RD2

Its a good sign that the night is going smoothly when none of the fights have gone to the judges...

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