UFN underdogs I REALLY like

Odds from sportsbook.com

Irvin is +200 vs. Houston -260

Basically this is Irvin's fight to win - he just has to avoid the big right hand. I'm pretty surprised at this line, because when you measure everything else besides each guy's money punch (the big right) -- irvin has better kicks, takedowns, natural size, speed and probably a better ability to stand up, too. Nobody has wanted to stand with Irvin, and I think this is a pretty good bet. Plus, Irvin can take people down -- he just doesn't because he wants to bang.

Honestly, though, unless Houston lands that monster right, I think Irvin picks him apart. James has yet to put together a full-on dominating UFC performance that showcases his full repertoire of skills. This might be it, or a really bad loss...definitely one to watch but I think Irvin will surprise people here. Honestly, I'm surprised he's +200.

Alves at +155 vs. Karo -185
I think this is a breakthrough fight for Alves. Takedown defense is key, but his standup is much better -- really, he has some of the best strikes in the game -- he's just gotta stay off his back. I think he can do it for the win.  Athelticism-wise, he reminds me of a young GSP.

Neer at +130 vs. Din -160

Din is definitely a slick veteran. However, Neer should have a distinct size advantage. I think he can squeak it out, as he's pretty game and able to hang tough in bad spots.

 Pellegrino +150 vs. Nate -180

Pellegrino has beaten better competition and I think the same problems that affected Nick in UFC -- lack of size, takedowns, and general ability to physically overwhelm people -- will be challenges for Nate as he moves up the ladder. Nate has been impressive thus far but I think Pellegrino might hold him down and outwork him. And, Nate's standup isn't as developed as Nick's was while he was in UFC (I don't know what's happened to Nate's standup since...) and that is another thing going against him here.

What happened to all the Irvin bashers?

Did you guys finally give up and go off to band camp?

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Jardine is better on the feet and a far more intelligent fighter than Irvine. And he got rocket launched

At this point I kind of think Nate already has better standup than Nick does. He doesn't punch like he's underwater, at least.

I think Karo will likely opt for the takedown-control-decision route to get the win over Alves, just as he did over Lytle.

Irvin started winding up a right kick last Thursday. If that kick lands, he'll win for sure!

For me based on the odds, I'd go with Alves and Irvin...that said I'm not sure if Alves can keep off his back or if Irvin can avoid getting caught.

"Jardine is better on the feet and a far more intelligent fighter than Irvine.
And he got rocket launched"

Wow. I never thought of Jardine as a smart fighter. He likes to stand and
bang. Not always smart as we saw against Alexander.

Pulling for Alves. his ground game is pretty solid but advantage karo in that department. striking alves (technically at least). Yet while Karo's striking doesn't look as polished, besides when serra dropped him with that bomb, he seems to have a weird way of not taking too much damage from very capable strikers.

I think the longer it goes the better for Karo. Hope Alves lands early and hard

"Wow. I never thought of Jardine as a smart fighter. He likes to stand and bang. Not always smart as we saw against Alexander."

Well put it in perspective. I said far more intelligent compared to Irvin. Thats not really saying much

Jardine has an ugly style. But he can also follow a gameplan like he showed vs Liddell

Irvin has more natural size than Alexander? Really?

Dont think Jardine would have lost to Houston especially the way he did if he had known what he was getting into. the guy proved that with a good game plan he can beat top comp

I see Irvin doing the smart thing and putting Houston on his back. From there he could probably submit him within a round.

Although in all fairness I don't know how developed Irvins ground game is. All I know is that Houston doesn't have much of a ground game himself.

racialist picks, imo.

Irvin's ground game isn't that good, I'd say that there is no way either man takes it to the ground willingly. This is going to be a stand and bang it out fight, which may end quickly (probably with Alexander KOing him, to be honest). I'm betting on Irvin though, the odds are too good.

My money is on:

Diaz over Pellegrino

Boetsch over Hamill

JLau over KFlo

Diaz is the man, and even though I got -200 odds on him, I have faith in him.

Boetsch to me is still a relatively unnkown. His looked awesome in his last fight and his only loss is to Matyushenko. Meanwhile Hamill is coming off a loss to Bisping who just dropped down to 185 (yeah I know j/k). Boetsch's only loss coming from a good wrestler, I think this was my biggest gamble, but I hope Boetsch can pull it off at +160.

Lauzon's been training with BJ. He's only getting better and better. At +180 I had to take him.

Alexander will take Irvin down.

Actually, in Irvin's early fights he was a takedown and GNP artist. He was good takedowns.

This is a great card -- ironically I will be rooting for quick fights so we can see more of them on the telecast.

My underdogs tomorrow are:

Alves, Pellegrino, Boetsch, and Johnson

I'm suprised more people aren't talking up Johnson, he was a Juco nat'l champ and is the better striker of the two. I doubt either of them will submit eachother so at +220 I pick Johnson to outathletic the farm boy.

I HATE IRVIN, I cant stand watching that guy fight and will never EVER bet on him.

FYI, I didn't bet on Alexander either, but I HATE IRVIN just the same!!!