excellent show! the best finale yet by far- hats off to all the fighters for putting it all on the line. hope dana rewards them all accordingly.

o i bet dana is gonna be like santa at christmas time

time for mega bonuses

joe hit the nail on the head, barrera fight didnt suck too bad, it just cant ever be compared to the rest of the card.

dana will sleep will tonight lol

so i will i, i feel wayyyy overstimulated after all this excitement.

ttt for free events


It turned out to be a great show. Props to all the fighters.

awesome night of fights, Thank you UFC

War Machine and J-Rock fight made my night, and everything after that was a bonus.

The fight nights are better than the PPVs. Not only was tonight one of the best UFC fight nights ever, it was one of the best MMA shows ever IMO.

I knew Huerta vs Guida would be FOTY candidate and I was not dissapointed. Lived up to the hype.

dont over-do it now

this was a great card, and some good fotn and candidates for foty

but theres a long list of stunning battles in 07 the year of the upset (no upsets tonight, just pure fucking excitement)

gomi/diaz was another foty for sure

im too overstimulated to cite anything else

i go to bed soon

the free events usually bring alot more excitement because they normally have more fighters who have to prove themselves and make a statement

with that being said

crazy fights even the Saunders/Barrera fight wasnt too bad. WarMachine/J-Roc was a battle. George reminded me of Lauzon controlling his fight.

Hightower got dropped with a nice jab, but even that was a brawl. Arroyo was catchin alot of subs eventually locking the armbar.

skill beat braun and Danzig schooled Tommy.

then to top it off we get a top 5 fight of the year

seven good fights and i didnt have to pay shit,
im happy with it

this is what you would want every UFC event to be like.. pretty much all of the fights were awesome!! maybe the best event all year as for as action KO's subs etc.

That was a great show!!!


Don't forget about WEC next Wednesday. Faber... Jens... Some GREAT fucking free fights this month. :D

Great card!

There were really no bad fights. Guida/Huerta was one of the best fights I have seen in a long time. I hope they have a rematch.

Great show.

Great fights. Well done Dana!