UFN=Worst Nick names EVA

watch out everybody cus "Handsome", "J-Lau", "Monstah", "The Saint". "The Bully", "Yellow Peril", "The Bad Boy", and the 63rd "Pitbull" are coming to SPIKE TV!!!

J-Lau, not to bad, better than the rest of the list.


It's truly the worst collection of nicknames I've ever seen on one event.

Pitbull needs to be retired

lol and you know "The Muscle Shark" will be there. If the "The Dean of Mean" also happens to be in attendance it would be like a lunar eclipse of bad nicknames

I like the nick name "Muscle Shark"

Its so odd that its likeable. The Japanese make great nicknames

Every dude named Pitbull should fight and the one who wins gets the
name. Absolute .. no weight class. Same thing with the J-Lo's of the
world ... Joe vs. Jenny from the block.

The absolute worst is timmyfront!!

Handsome is one of the best nicknames in MMA, get a sense of humor

there's a shitload of weird nicknames..
Ogawa has a weird one..i forget what it is.
Min Soo Kim....Mr. Shark?
uh ok..

hey J-Lau may be weird but i think it's better than KenFlo.
But both are great competitors...well at least J-Lau is.

tryin to think of a few more weird nicknames...

Keith Hackney "The Giant Killer"..it was good years ago when they had no weight classes..
Cal Worsham had one....ahh "The Deer Hunter" that was a good one.


I know he's not fighting on this one but The Barn Cat is the best nick
name eva.

they need a The Rock on there