UFO on Showtime

Anyone watching this UFO show on Showtime?
I’m not a UFO person, not even remotely but I’ve always had the opinion that it’s flat out naive and ignorant to say that this is the only planet to have intelligent life. I’ve had no thoughts beyond that and have never spent any time thinking about it. I’m not even close to a CT.

That out of the way. I’ve watched the first two episodes of this show. At the very least, it’s interesting and entertaining. I know it doesn’t end with them introducing us to some ET guy but it’s still interesting and cool to have some understanding of the background to all this.

Anyone else watching this?

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I was expect the rock band.

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Isn’t it on Showtime? Great show.

All the aliens are trannys 100%

Op - God emperor of aliens

Op = ??‽?

That’s UTFO

check out ufo reddit

Oh shit, you’re right. Showtime not hbo.
I’ll try to change the thread title

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I watched a little of it. I still don’t know what to make of the reports. They were going into the skinwalker ranch —Folks are seeing and reporting strange phenomenon but what is it?

But did they play, “Rock Bottom.?.”

I’m not saying there isn’t any intelligent life forms(?) But I don’t believe we are being visited by aliens.

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after we started letting off nukes they started paying attention to us.