UG app on Windows phone help

So I just got a windows phone. Awesome phone, BUT what's up with the app? Can you not log on through the windows version?

Not related, but still curious. Do gifs not work on text messages either?

Any help would be appreciated. Have a round of Vote Ups on me. Thanks

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

No clue... In for answers. Never have had a windows phone. Phone Post 3.0

no one? :(


Have you got the version you pay for? There's one that's free that you can only lurk on and one you pay for. That's the one you can post in. Usually you go to post something and it prompts you to log in, put your e mail and password in and you're good. Hop this is some help but I am very very drunk. Will help more in the morning. Vu Phone Post 3.0