UG Battle Royale/Survivor!

Allright I've been drinking but hear me out.

You get 16 mudders/kkms with under 200 posts that nobody likes. Put them all in 'the Survivor Ground', give them one weekly MMA topic, and have them debate it out and rip each other to shreds.

Everyone else gets to view this thread, (but not post on it), and deem someone the loser at the end of the week... and then we ban him!

After 16 weeks we declare someone the winner based on intelligence, charisma, smack talk, or if the guy doesn't know crap about mma, but he is just damn funnier than the others.

Winner gets a T-shirt or some shit. Sound fun?

Before I got to this part...

"juice with a twist of lime and lots of crushed ice"

...I thought I was reading screennames you were listing for volunteers. I was like, who the fuck is 4cl Finlandia Vodka?? -never heard of him.

Anyways, I'm calling it fellas. peace

Sounds more interesting then any of the reality crap that's on tv at the moment....

Cheers, Maryanne.

Thanks Maryanne!

sweet armbar!

Thanks :-)