UG Grand Prix Sponsor Thread!!!

Due to the confusing nature of all the other threads, I'm endeavoring to consolidate to this particular thread those who have offered SPONSORSHIPS, SERVICES, OR ASSISTANCE OF ANY KIND.


That would be things such as clothing, mouthguards, video production, legal advice, etc. Also, in your post, please provide stipulations, if any, for your service.  Finally, please be sure to provide the appropriate contact information for those who may want or need to get in touch with you.  If you only need to deal with me, you can reach me at



I'm as we speak trying to figure a way to get to Cincinnati to fight in this show, and to get approval from my wife.

If I can't, I'll at worst try to get out there and am offering my services as a commentator if you need one.

Thanks, E1 Toro! I guess Rogan won't come do the show so we may need you. I'll let the promoters know. Can you email me and tell me some more about your experience?

Thanks again!

So you're looking for people to give gear, services or money to fighters who have never been in the cage before?  Man, I hope this doesn't take away from the people who do this for a living...


Scratches balls

sgavin...apparently you are not aware of how many people have offered sponsorships, goods, and services for this event. Besides, how do you know this isn't a step for some of us to actually become pros?

turns and rips off Seamus619's little balls

Can, I'd be willing to do both even. I obviously wouldn't be able to do pbp for my own fight but eh..

I'll Email you.

Cool idea.  Is there going to be medical onsite?  Insurance for event? 

Neat idea--- If nothing else, it's given people something to talk about for a few days.  I've read the thread and noticed companies willing to give.  I hope those same companies keep open arms when actual fighters come to them.


sgavin...did you get turned down by some sponsors when you were trying to fight or do you just like to be a negative ass? It doesn't matter whether or not we are pros. Businesses will sponsor someone if they believe they can help make them money. Email Kirik and ask if we've already helped him make money. We are going to help make some people some money by doing this. Period. Pro or Amateur.

Macedawgg...yes, there will be medical, etc as this is a real promotion with real fighters, real promoters, and people that pay real money to watch.

ah gotcha.  Nice.  Wasn't sure. 

"I hope those same companies keep open arms when actual fighters come to them."

It is hard to find sponsors as it is for people who do this for a living. I hope they will keep open arms as well.

sgavin does have a valid point, however this statement , "Businesses will sponsor someone if they believe they can help make them money" is, of course, the bottom line for any business owner.

Is this a for-profit promotion?  Its not just for fun?

Money, boys. It's about money. If we can help some people promote their business and make money it doesn't matter if I'm Matt Fuckin' Hughes or supercan!

Ever heard of Guerrilla Marketing? This is it. Ever heard cheap advertising? This is it. A super cheap and easy way for some people to make money.

Let's think this through, shall we?

First, I would be willing to bet that there will be more people at this event than usual due to the grassroots movement of this. That equals ticket sales and liquor sales.

Second, because we can broadcast it on the web, the UG is going to turn out in force to watch. That equals revenue as well as opportunities for some people to advertise their products during the broadcast.

As a moderator, sgavin, you probably already realize that 4 people have purchased blue names and more are going to as a result of one single thread.

Furthermore, all of us non-pro fighters have pledged to help promote since without this website this would not be happening. As a result, potentially hundreds of new people could visit this site, which will generate hits. In turn, hits will generate more ad revenue from sponsors who feel that their products are being viewed by more people on this site. Not to mention that even if 10 percent of those people buy blue names that will generate even more revenue.

This is not only a dream and fun endeavor for a few amateur fighters, it is an opportunity. It's business baby, and thinking of it any other way would be short-sighted and foolish.

$120 profit from new bluenamers just from one thread is pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

Just think about how much will be made when they see me knockout Jack Furious with a Stone Cold Stunner late in the first round.

I can also think of at least three fledgling and established businesses that have an opportunity through this to take the step up...a lighting company, a broadcast company, an apparel company, and a mouth guard company.

What businessman wouldn't jump at the opportunity to have a bunch no names who aren't getting paid take the time and effort to promote their business? It's advertising for the wholesale cost of your product. Not bad.

LOL @ DWray!