UG MemberLongest time at bluebelt?

Just wondering who here has been a bluebelt for the longest period of time? Please make sure to explain entenuating circumstances (i.e. if you were in a coma or something for 4 years just after you got your bluebelt) - thanks!

I will be Blue for a long time as I no longer attend school ( I dont think any school here promotes after blue anyhow) I hope to one day get to purple or beyond

I was bluebelt for litle bit more then 3 years.

I was a blue belt for 3 and a half years

I am coming up on 3 years this month.

4 years in Feb....

What's a Blue Belt...?


World's Longest White Belt

I have tapped blue belts but being that I train No Gi I aint got no belt.

I think I may have a blue Jock. Oh wait, thats not mine.

I've been a blue belt for 5 days now.

congrats Next Penn

I've had my Blue Belt since July

Over 3 years, i think

I respect trolls from all styles,


I have trained three days a week for the last five years. Sometimes I was training upwards of six days a week. Unfortunately there is no formal class around here just some very dedicated and not so dedicated training partners. So technically I am still a white belt. Oh well, I love da zu zitzu.

I got my Blue around October of '97 and my Purple October 31st of 2001. So, around 4 years.

I guess I was on the slow-learners program: 5.5 years!


I was a whute belt for 6 years... sorry!

I was a blue belt for a really long time because I had some injury breaks and spent a lot of that time training without the gi with various instructors and schools. I should have picked one and just stuck with it, but I was foolish.

I actually met a 9 year white belt in Ohio and was wondering why I was really having to work against him until he explained that his purple belt instructor left Relson and they had no one to promote people at their club for the last 9 years.

Three years so far. I keep training to get better. I don't have a purple belt, because I am not there yet. I feel like this last year was my best year of training growth though.


I can go six years! I train about 1-2 times per week - I'm sure I can beat your record :)

Nine or ten years. I are just a slow learner I guess ;-)