UG Rally 2 help movie

Indy movie w/ 2 mma fighters/BJJ’ers. Opening scene re-written to include underground fight scene. If OMA can kill Kimo off I know The UG can help to get us into more major theatres nationwide. “STREETBALLERS” outscored both “Juno” and “Slum Dog” as the all time most acclaimed Indy movie ever. The entire movie in not about mma or bjj, but it is a great movie that we can all identify w/ at some level. Print Media, the movie’s website, and info on the fighters included below.
Mike Rogers
Tracy Taylor



I have seen this movie. It is a great Indy film.

If anyone from the UG can see it, I would highly recomend it !!!!!


Appreciated!! We had an amazing trip last year to LA for the Indy series opening/movie premier and some how also fit in The Mundials as well. Was a good weekend to say the least.



I remember Jimmy McKinney playing ball at Missouri, had a ton of hype going into college. Now, he's getting into some different fields and I even heard he's going to give Baseball a try.


WOW SOUNDS awesome when will it be shown ?