UG vs OG vs Fightsport

who wins in the three way dance of death

keyboard warriors vs sex deprived horny bastards vs tard power

Sex weakens the legs. OG wins via Rocky 1 style training regimen.

the real answer- THE FANS!!!!!

Rob AND Trainwreck are CORRECT

Dana, next UFC prelim

UG vs OG vs Fightsport lol

mma fans and fighters vs star trek geeks vs mma fans and fighters...

Hmmmm, gee thats a tuff one but I know who would come third, thats for sure.

i am not a star trek geeks..i dont even like star trek..i prefer star wars.

reneck is on a troll war path

u ever just fell like fuckin around a joking with shit

u really think im serious, lol

snowhazell, is CORRECT, fuck star trek, gimmie Star Wars anyday


fight sport is so gay.

the ug is populated by complete retards. My wrestling owns bjj thread hit 40 posts in a half hour.

The OG is vastly superior do to trailblazing memebers like AAron and Kevin O'Toole.

Clint is CORRECT

guyz like ferox, Aaron, Joel, Soup Nazi and others makes the OG superior

OG wins but multiple DP's and then PP

"edited for drug abuse"

very true words White

it only took me a week to see the trolling homo keyboard warriors on the UG

Jerkie, stop starting threads that instigate the hate.

We're all working hard to achieve a very delicate peace, and all you're doing is hurting all of our efforts.

go troll ur mommy chief

thats the problem with fags like urself, ur all to uptight and cant take a joke and have fun in life

PS: Ur the BIGGEST fuckin troll ever

LOL @ white hahahaha, nice

"thats the problem with fags like urself, ur all to uptight and cant take a joke and have fun in life"

LOL, I can see my post went entirely over your head.

no it never, when i see a post from u i start to puke so i may have mised some points

again ur a troll and should fuck off

go back to ur dark room with ur webster reruns and continue to jack off

u come back and alot of people think ur trying to make admins and shit, but i see u for what u r, a fuckin troll

tell me how im spreadng hate, tell me man, cause i would really like to know

if people cant joke anymore and have different threads then the usual Why Do People Hate ME, then i guess im smoking to much crack or was dropped several times as a baby

i bet ur a lonely lonely little boy cause u aint no fuckin man

*puts hand in jerkie's face*

get ur micheal jackson hands away from me