UGC fighter change

I just got word the Martyn carver hurt his leg pretty bad in preparation for our fight at the upcoming UGC. I did get an email of his injury (torn quadricept) and it looks pretty bad so i just wanted to wish him a quick recovery. And let him know that i hope we meet in the ring another time..

Too bad...

That sucks!

Classy post!!!

I put a lot of work into preparation for this fight and dont really want to have it cancelled.. so if anyone want to fight or knows someone who does please contact livlio vallone the UGC match maker..

Also any promoters with upcoming event please email at ... I am very eager to get figting again.

ttt for finding someone to fight Claude


What weight Claude?

I think it was supposed to be at 185 lbs.

TTT for Claude and the UGC!!