post them here thanks....


Especially results of the fights in which Jason and
Brock fought in.

brock lost unam dec [BS}

steve legault won ref stop

jabouin won tko abandon 122

menjivar won armbarbar 40 sec

simon won rear naked 217

pigeon won

eric moore won

st luois won triangle

thanks pain.....

st louis by triangle, suprise suprise, ha.... congrats Menjivar!

you too yves...


Mike French is NO joke either.... well done Ivan

Thanks pain.

French hits hard... good menji pulled it out.


Good show. Place was packed and there wasn't much smoke. This
is due to the fact that the announcer actually took the time to ask
fans to not smoke out of respect for the fighters.
Simple, but effective. Other promoters, please take note.

As Pain said, Simon Cormier had a good showing against Raphael
Cournoyer as he won by RNC at 2:17 of R1.

Harry Prevost vs Ricardeau Francois :
Harry started aggressive but couldn't keep up the pace and
couldn't defend Francois strikes. Harry quit at 1:36 of R2.
Francois landed a side kick that lifted Harry off the ground!!

Joel Pigeon TKO'd Henripin with a kick to the ribs. Liver shot!
Pigeon wins at about 1:30 of R1.

Eric moore KO's Aub Provencher with a knee.
Provencher is a Nestor student. I believe Moore is from TriStar.

Legault vs Baric :
Good fight but Legault weighed in at 183 lbs and Baric was 171
lbs. Baric defended while while caught in the mount and had good
standup. He landed some nice leg kicks and a few punches but
Legault opened a cut early on that got Worse with time. Ref
stoppage due to cut. Legault wins. Baric's face was pissing blood.

Fritz Paul vs Brock Arthur :
First Round slightly to Paul.
However, in R2 Brock clearly won and almost put Paul away with a
nice punch. Most of fight was spent with Paul in Brock's guard.
Result was unanimous JD for Paul.
I thought Arthur won.

Beaulieu vs St-Louis :
Awesome showing by St-Louis. St-Louis is pure excitement.
Nice sub attemps, awesome sweeps. Classic St-Louis. That guy
pulls stuff out of nowhere. St-Louis wins by triangle.

Jabouin vs Eric Davidson :
Mismatch. Jabouin won at 1:22 of R1.
Davidson (at least 10lbs lighter) gave up.

They announce that Yves next opponent would be Chad Hamzeh.

Menjivar vs French :
Early on, French almost Ko'd Menjivar.

sounds like a good show how many people ?

Sounds like a great show.

My previous post kind of ended sharply... I fell asleep in front of
the computer immediately after writing the last line. Woke up an
hour later, clicked Add Message... and went to bed.

Mike French is like a Mini Matt Hughes in appearance (does
everyone at MFS share the same hairdresser?).
French dropped Menjivar and tried to put him away and followed
him to the ground. Pat was hollering watch the arm, watch the
arm and bam Ivan had the arm.

Some interesting announcements as well :

- AFC and UGC creating an Alliance. St-Louis and Gord were there
to announce that.

- A few challenges between Jabouin and Nancoo and an
announcement concerning a possible return of Pat Miletich (???)
that I'm still scratching my head about.

Ring girls weren't as hot as previous ones. Liv, if you're reading,
bring back moka-skinned Cassie or the blonde at Brock's first
fight. ;-)

Chatted with Liv. He's a nice guy.

Nice FINALLY meeting St-Louis and chatting it up.

St-Louis is a class act, always there for the fans and one of the
most exciting fighters ever.

I'll finally get around to meeting all the folks on here.

At the last TKO, I saw JT McCarthy.
JT, maybe someday, I'll talk to you.
(insert eerie stalker music here).

Yves had 10pounds on Davidson? What's Yves weighing these days?

And I'm glad I'm next in line.


Congrats Jason and Brock, Brock is future stud.

Yves is walking around at 155-160 and that fight was set at 145 (i think) because Davidson natural weight is 145. And they said you are next C fighting Yves.

Yves said he wanted a revenge against nancoo but Nancoo ducked him by saying you have to go down to 135 (wich is practically impossible except by amputating one leg) and Yves replied by we could fight at 145, and Nancoo said no 135, and then Yves replied "135 lbs is the weight category for women" LOLLLL

"Yves said he wanted a revenge against nancoo but Nancoo ducked him by saying you have to go down to 135 (wich is practically impossible except by amputating one leg)"

My friend, I doubt if that is ducking. It may be hard for Yves to make 135 - who knows. But note that it is equally hard for Nancoo to make 145. At 145 weight he is not comfortable. Monkey could easily fight much lower than 135 actually. So 135 is almost a concession.

At any rate, if Yves wants the re-match, why would it not be on Richard's terms since Richard won last time and at a weight that was considerably too heavy for him? That is, Yves already fought Monkey at a suitable weight for himself - and LOST!

Further, 135 is not a weight for women. Some women perhaps, but at 135 lbs, that better be a tall woman.

Yves should tell Matt Hamilton that 135 pounds is a weight for women. Or perhaps Jeremy Bolt! Yves would be joking away . . . and most likely find himself waking up with a crowd around him. 135 pounds contains some BAD men!

Of course he was joking, Nancoo was teasing him and Yves said that just to shut him up. Nancoo replied that he'd neat them too (the women) i guess he was joking too **sarcasm here**

I agree with what Nancoo said.
Yves is chasing him. There's 2 weight categories between them.
Everytime Jabouin fights, they ask this question. What the hell
does Nancoo have to prove by fighting Jabouin again?

When proposing fights, I suggest they consider weight categories.

LOL at Nancoo ducking a guy he already beat, fighting two weight divisions, maybe three, from his natural weight. A guy he beat easily at that.

I must say that whole controversy with Yves and Monkey was pretty funny, probably the best drama the whole night! Lets see this happen!

how the hell do these guys make 145, either I need a colonic or I'm a fat fack.