UGC results?

If somebody bothered to go....

that was a very bad day to host a mma show, i think

U can tell me more or you did the same choice than me?

well i didnt go, that why i didnt tell you anything im also waiting for the result

Good choice mate

i wasnt that much interested by the card to pay 20$

Isn't it 30 or 35 the cheapest tickets?

well i didnt paid last time i realy dont know;)

the ugc's next show is December 24


LOL at Pain!

Here are the results but without details as I'm too tired to post
them now :

WENDY KERNIZAN def. Stephan Hazelton by TKO 2:09 R1;

RICHARD HO def. Kevin Duquette at 1:45 R1 by Rear Naked

STEVE LEGAULT def. Ryan Gabourie by doc stoppage/injury after
R1 (to finger);

AIMÉ HENRIPIN def. Alexandre Héroux : Héroux doesn't answer
bell after R1.

CHESTER POST def. Shawn Russell by TKO at 3:01 of R2.
Nice showing by POST.

ERIC BEAULIEU def. Cory MacDonald by UD (good fight);

GREG COMPTON def Richard Ho by ref stoppage after R1. Ho was
tired and had trouble getting up after R1. P. Chartier was ref.

LUCIAN BUTE def. Willard Lewis in good boxing match in R3.
Eric Lucas was on hand to announce the winner.

FRITZ PAUL def. Scott Elliott by G n' P TKO at 3:38 of R1.

YVES JABOUIN def. Dustin Severs by UD.

RICARDEAU FRANCOIS def. Mike Marshalleck by TKO at 1:55 R3.

What's the matter with people fighting two times in a night?

well i would, what about Sylvain Cloutier?

The winner between Ho and Duquette (Ho) was supposed to face
the winner of Compton vs Cloutier, but Cloutier was unble to
compete (unsure why) so Ho then faced Compton.

Congrats to my boy Greg Compton!!! Good job bro!!

Team Ronin MMA

Congrats to my boy Greg Compton!!! Good job bro!!

Team Ronin MMA

Congrats Greg!

From the comments I heard about this card some great up and coming talent.

I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of my teammates from Team Gladiator for their performances on Saturday! Greg Compton- the new super lightweight champ. Cory MacDonald- tough loss by decision. I can't wait to see your next match. Mike, great battle against Francois. Scott- tough loss against Fritz. You showed great heart. As for myself, the doctors have put my finger back together and I am hoping it will heal properly. I appologize for the way the fight ended. I would have continued if I could. Thanks to my instructor Rob Wynne; my striking coach, Glen Murdoch; Dan Foley and Peter Quinney for all of the help with my wrestling and all of my teammates. Peace! Ryan Gabourie

Congratulations Greg! Way to go!

Sorry I couldn't have been there to see it but I couldn't find a way down.