UGC Results?


Fights are tomorrow night.



lets keep this going till tom. then!


English news (with the updated event card) about the UGC 13 weighing :

Pics from the UGC 13 weighing :

Video of the weighing : has a new bilingual Website. We're doing the best we can to translate everything (an as fast as we can), so it'll be easier to navigate in English.

I like the poll on your site. Do you have something against Damacio Page and want to see him beat? =^)

"Who do you think should beat Damacio Page in TKO?"

farmer , who's drinking the bong water now ? good luck to all participating in the ugc . ( yo craig , same time same place for ufc or you got other plans )peace .

lol Maybe we chose the bad words. We mean : Wo do you think has the ability to beat Damacio Page in TKO?

lol We're asking 'cause he's tough (only loss against Miki Shida) and already have beaten Vigneault and Quenneville. Seems like he can be the new TKO sensation. Fun to know, according to fans, what would be a great matchup for Damacio in the future...

His loss to Shida was questionable as well.

Damaico Page is a stud. He's not going to be beaten anytime soon.

Look for Cory McDonald and Scott Arnold to kick some ass!


Anyone know anything about the Alexander Jr. Guy??





Nick "The Lunatic" Portieous wins via rear naked choke 1st round 1 min 6 seconds!!!

congrats Nick we are proud of you

Les Dickens

Proving Grounds
Combat Club


Glad 'The Lunatic' got a chance to go psycho on someone. Now we will put you back in the cage and get you trained for the next poor fool.

We are very proud of you Nick, party hard and we will see you in two weeks:)


ya Nick. all those sparing sessions of kicking my ass really helped out huh haha j/k man. good job!!

Cory MacDonald defended his title against François Flibotte and won by tko at 1:25 in the first round.

Scott Arnold defeated Alexander Jr. by tko at :45 in round 2.

Congrats to Scott and Cory......well congrats to all the fighters for steppin in and doing what a lot of people wouldn't dare do!