UGC show

Respect to all whom fought, and those who organized the event.

- For the LOVE of competence and accountability , please get rid of that highly un-MMA-educated ref, all of his intervention were premature.Including his interventions in UGC5,6 and 7. Please reconsider using him.

- Overall the best bout, was the main event, big up to both Hamzeh and Jabouin...Hamzeh was fearless and showed plenty of takedown, sub skills ..."If only his first heel hook attempt wasnt near the ropes!" was a close bout, no doubt.. and Jabouin's striking prevailed...I could of sworn Jabouins armbar was gonna end it. I Would love to see a rematch.

- Carvahlo (spelling?) was on fire, never seen him before, hope to see more.