UGC This Weekend=Worst Event Ever

First I'd like to say if you don't agree with me, go f**k yourself.

The event started off 45 minutes late with the singing of O Canada followed by the fighters coming out to a woman singing a slow romantic love song....I MEAN WHAT THE F**K

After the respective fighetrs returned to their locker rooms, they had a 2 performances. They had girls doing this aweful dance routine that looked like they neevr rehearsed it followed by a rap performance.

Don't worry guys I eventully lose count of the performances.

They finally called the first fighter to the ring Greg Compton but he wasn't ready yet so the annoncers (there was 2 of them, 1 from Quebec and 1 from Ontario) to pass time started having this horrible dreadfull converstaion to where they were the only people laughing as the crowd stared and asked its 9:30 and there hasn't been a fight? Finally Greg came out and had his fight with Filbotte which lasted 30 seconds. Filbotte excepting this fight at 2 in the morning the day before after spending like 5 months not training and helping the army in Afghanistan.

Brent Beauparlant then kicked the living shit out of Chester Post...I had to post this because damn Brent wrecked him.


Yes that scoreboard means...another freaking performance to the point the crowd boo'ed and actully left. This event was held in an arena that was almost empty by the second half of the show not to mention it was almost empty by the begining of the show.

The first boxing match of the night took place, not much to say here as it ended in a draw. All the mma fans went to the bathroom during this.

Fritz Paul then took on James Townsend for a vancant title? Fritz was 4-0 and James 0-0. How can a freakn 0-0 fighter get a title shot at a vancant belt?

Dance performance.

Eric Beaulieu beat up Aub Provencher for 3 rounds

2 MORE FREAKN RAP PErformances, I began to cry.

With the performances over Terry Jackson ko'ed Shawn Russel then put him out cold with the reffering stepping in VERY LATE.
Greg Compton with his second impresseive win over Michael Chalouhi.


There were more fu*king performances than fights and to add to it they were worst that the performances at your local elementary or high school variety show. I will not YO YO YO to that.

It was way too hot in the arena, no air conditioning led many fans to be upset.

They advertised 8 mma fights and 4 boxing fights. There were 6 less fights than advertised. That's the second straight time they've done this.

The annoncing was horrible, as so was a lot of the fighters.


This event sucked so much I had tears in my eyes. UGC, you will never be as good as TKO and I hope you guys end up showing this on PPV because then everyone will see how bad your event was. I wish I had my 20$ back.

I'm not even sure if Hazelton fought Francois, they annonced Greg Compton vs. Michael Chalouhi as the last fight. Oh shit guys :( I missed a fight to these stupid annoncers.

I'm so glad I kept my money on this one!

aguzzi you a funny guy.. :)

i am kind aglad i didnt make it in town for the show since you put it that way.

Claude, trust me, you are VERY glad you wern't in town for the show.

HungryHippo, Brent had a beutifull single leg slam into side control wehre he continued with huge knees and elbows to mount where he gnp'ed into a armbar that he lost because Chester got his elbow turned at the last second but he was able to easily win the scramble back to knee on stomach where he totally wrecked him. Brent by brutal domination. Man, we were so loud duriong this fight I still haven't gotten my voice back.

Hey David

Brent is jacked, awesome skills, I asked Phil at the weigh in to make sure he didnt kill Chester LOL!!

The organization did need improvement. The draw sheet hanging up backstage had me fighting Michael Chalouhi first so when I turned around in the ring and saw Francois Flibotte cornered by Phil Gelinas across from me I was scared, then the ref started harassing me about my Sprawl shorts?? Im like WTF?? Im fighting here, get out of my face LOL!!

I felt bad after the Francois fight when I heard hye was a CFB member and only trained 3 months. He is a great fighter and super sweet guy. He brought out the best in me and I hope you will tell him I would love to buy him a beer next time Im in Montreal??

David did you notice my BTT rashguard and Ronin's T-Shirt? Im a fashionable and smartly attired fighter LOL!!

ttyl, Greg Compton

I noticed


"I will not YO YO YO to that."

:) this is good.


its really too bad.. ugc could be a great show and looked like it was heading in the right direction for a while but all of a suddent it went south in quality

I'm glad i stayed home and watched replays of Seinfeld and That 70's show...

Sad to say but UGC is on his way down and what is really hard to say is that Liv was (*?&?%&(% annoying but was doing an OK job after all.

At least we had one good fight by event. But when Eric Beaulieu (and i have nothing against him, he's a very nice guy) is the star of the night...OUCH!!!!

What's with the association with AFC?

Forget it...

crap aguzzi, you only paid 20 bucks? We phoned for tickets the day before and were told it was sold out except for the $40 tickets, and we were pretty much the only ones in that section. I guess I'm twice as pissed as you then.

The building was empty and the there was still half the 20$ section open and they told you it was sold out, holy shit dude

No response from the organization ??

I'd like to hear the UGC defend themselves or at least comment on the show.

They probably took the 15,000$ downtown club gave to them as sponsorship and ran to mexico with it


Thats too bad the last one I went to in december was pretty entertaining,

December show was decent but these last 2 shows have been aweful, I spent 3 hours each watching them angry