UGC weight in news

So here we go in just under 24 hours the UGC will be hosting it`s 6th mma gala.

For those interested all the fights are a go the fight card actually has one new fight added in the last 24 hours bring the total of fights to 9.

Well all the fighters have made their weight expect for 2 guys that where 1 pound over.Those guys would be Jason St-louis and Brock Arthur.Jason was over by just 1 pound and Brock was over by 1.6lbs.But no matter both of their oppents said they don`t care they just wonna fight.

For those coming to the show call 514-325-9486 for info and you can still purchase tickets at

The doors open at 7:00 and we are glad to say that we have sold just over 1000 tickets and hoping still to reach our goal of 2000 in all.

We would like to thank in advance to all mma fans for your support and hope see you all at the fight.


Sounds good. I'm excited to hear about Menjivar and his fight.



Who's going from T.O? Anyone deciding to go last

I am supporting the UGC, but when Liv tells us that he wants to sell 2000 tickets when the maximum people allowed in the place (medley) is 800...sounds like bullshit to me.

yheah,they sell 2000 tickets but only let in

I believe the amount of tickets sold or the size of the promtion is not as central at this point as the issue of an organization trying to put together an exciting card in a respectful manner i.e. respectful to fighters and fans. The UGC never had the 'juice' UCC/TKO had. Now they are trying to build upon past experience and need a fan base. I for one wish them all the best.

I have dealt with Liv and his organization in the past to get Ontario fighters on his card. Liv was always respectful. When there were any problems, Liv did not make excuses or bullshit me. He did his best to make things right. I like his post regarding the weigh-ins. Notice how he made no bones about two fighters not making weight. Notice how he also stated that these fights were going to go ahead regardless. Honest approach and fighter friendly. I trust this will continue as I like this sort of disclosure.

We cant be serious all the time.....There was a big crowed when my friend fought the last ....{smoking shouldnt allowed at fight]

I hope eric Davidson does well,good guy lots of heart..

Good luck to Brock 'my friend'

"smoking shouldnt allowed at fight"


I agree with you on that! We have to keep in mind, however, that these fights are taking place in Quebce where it seems one is obligated to smoke from the age of 4 :)

All the best to you and yours over this holdiday :)

I am sure Brock is good to go and will do fine. Seriously tough guy, and really nice person.

I hear both of you there....the last time i was at
the Medley the smoke was sooo thick one could hardly
see the fighters from the balcony. Burning eyes and
a headache for hours afterwards.

On that note, i'm gonna go outside now and have a
smoke. Actually, to get the full effect i think i'll
just get into a small confined space and have more than

I agree with U Pain, Davidson has a HUGE heart, the guy is 0-6 and always coming back, he doesn't care who you put in front of him he will fight... i respect Eric he's a nice kid.