UGC ? ! ? ! ? !

just looking for some information about the event
- directions
- timings
- cost
- nearby hotels? prices?
- after party details
- fighters hotels?

can anyone please fill in these gaps
much appreciated

psalm 27 v 1-5

From what i know the card will look like this:

Yves Jabouin vs Eric Davidson

Ivan Menjivar vs Mike French (from Miletich)

Steve Legault vs Walter Baril

Simon Cormier vs ???

Fred Pilon vs ???

Joel Pigeon vs ???

Fritz Paul vs Brock ( don't remember his last name)

It's at the medley (corner René-Lévesque and St-Denis)

For the directions it depends on where you are coming from

Do they have a website??

Talk what you want about Patry, but he knows enough to inform the crowd about his cards.


Jason St. Louis will be defending his title I believe.