For all of those who asked me questions on when the UGC would play on Pay Per View well the answer is that it will be on Bell express vu on the 17th of April, and on indigo here in quebec also on the 17th.

For all of those who wanted a tape of UGC 5,6 and 7 we cannot distribute those tapes because the rights have been purchased by Satelite and Pay-Per-View companies.

So hope you guys have all the info you wanted.

cool stuff...

Liv post the card for the PPV...get us excited

Nothing listed on the expressvu site yet... :(

I hope they show it.


what about Ontario?

It's on Canal Indigo tonight and is also replaying sunday

Watch for Ivan Menjivar and many other tough fighters!
Definitely worth watching.

George Murphy vs Celestin is on now!

Scot,howsmy beard look?

Pain thanks for being in my corner cheering me on you are truely a stand up guy!
all my best Craig Brown

Craig Brown it was my pleasure meeting you man...You going to fight again?

Don't know yet but thinking seriously about it.
say hi to the boys @bravado for me.

Pain, as usual, your beard added to your enormous sex appeal.