UGCTT is a joke

Guys like Suess and Fraser F have taken it out their names. Blah breh and that weird mustache guy are all thats left. Both are extremely loved up with Ian and its embarrassing.

No.1 FLYWEIGHT IN THE WORLD - UG nut swingers, 2010

Oh and that fat guy who got the UGCTT, good grief. Ridiculous Phone Post

LOL, you've been here less than a month. You're the ridiculous. Phone Post 3.0

I continue to be extremely loved up as well. Still a big fan of Ian's. Phone Post 3.0

Who gives a shit? I dont even get your point??!! Phone Post

Op jealous of our swagger. Phone Post

UGCTT can be annoying at times, but not nearly as annoying as you, baby. Phone Post 3.0

Wonder what your other screen names are. Phone Post 3.0