UGers, what's your posts per year ratio?

0-500 = novice/white belt level

501-1000 = intermediate/blue belt level

1001-1500 = expert/ brown belt level

1501-5000 = UFC veteran/ black belt level

5001 or more = Alright, enough's enough. Go outside and get some fresh air for a freaking change.

So what's your level UGers???

check check.

ETA: 1675.

I'm just saying this to get my post count up: about 3000

 I just checked against the scale and I AM GODDAMN STRONG!

Winnson -  I just checked against the scale and I AM GODDAMN STRONG!


 Roughly 200 but I'm trying to set a new personal best for the current year.

KriegerVonGott - let's see

you're expert level Krieger

Oh wait, I'm weaker than a bitch:

Been here almost 9 years and have less than 5000 posts.

Does that put me at white belt or intermediate/blue belt level? 

A pussy like me can't do the math all on her own...

 God, now four of those less than 5000 posts are on this thread alone

Screw it, I'm going black belt on this thread alone

About 2500/yr, so that's what, 6-8 a day? That's not too bad, IMO

Anyone do the math yet?  What do I get?

2 or 3 stripes on a white, or do I get the blue?

748.25 posts per year.

Just over 2 posts per day.

501-1000 = intermediate/blue belt level

Anybody who posts as much as you must be in the WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE

^^Just testing^^: 160 per year

Shit, becoming a black belt's too much work.  I give up.

UFC vet, I guess.

1782 per year.

I*Heart*TebowsSmegma -  what is my ratio?


This is one of the few sites I can access from work... so, like, a lot.

I*Heart*TebowsSmegma -  what is my ratio?

If we say you've been here 8.5 years, that's 10065 posts/year.

That's ~28 posts/day, 7 days a week.