Ugh, can't patch WoW

I'm so annoyed by this. I get shit going wrong every patch, but nothing I do seems to help with this one.

Kinda lame :\

One of my comps can patch, my main one cannot. This bothers me somewhat.

Reinstalling now cuz I fudged up the install beyond recovery trying to fix it, haha.

And, of course, the install is fucking broken too.

FUck man, I booted into safe mode on a fresh windows profile, shut everything down, and it was still fucking up. ONCE AGAIN I have to remove one (just one, and it doesn't matter WHICH one) RAM stick to get it to install.

Whoa, that shit is weird.

"You should never try and play on patch day. Your noobness amazes me"

it's a priviledge, not a right

couldnt you have saved the patch from your one computer and installed it on your main that way?

Get a console, nerd!

Hammer- they didn't have a mirror to download the patch, so I could only get it via the game's downloader. I tried copying the patch file from the working comp to this one but that made things worse (prompting the reinstall). Anyway, it's all good, all I lost was my accumulated auctioneer data, which sucks major ass.

&there's a difference between expecting to play on patch day and being unable to install the patch!

I always get the patches from fileplanet

FP didn't have it.